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We do not process Driver's License or ID cards in our office. Please click here for Driver's Licensing offices.

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Mt Vernon DOL Internet Renewal

Internet Pickup

 Skip the line! No need to pull a number!

Mt. Vernon Dealer Services

Dealer Services

We look forward to building a business relationship with you!

Mt. Vernon DOL Quick Titles

Quick Titles

Receive your title the same day in our office Mon-Fri 9AM to 4:30PM

Providing all your vehicle and vessel licensing services

We provide the services below and many more!
DOL Permits
Title Transfers

Please call our office or click here for more info.

DOL Dealer Services
Report of Sales

File your report, in our office or online, within 5 days to be protected from liability.

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Tonnage & Permits

Our experienced staff will help you with all tonnage & 3-day trip permit needs, along with many other types of permits.

DOL Mt. Vernon Tonnage
Disabled Parking

Provide a completed Disabled Parking Application along with a prescription or written authorization from your healthcare provider. Click here for more info.