• Cash
  • Business checks or Personal checks (no additional fees)

We only accept checks made payable from the account of or signed by one of the following:
Registered or Legal owners,
Immediate family members with the same last name or address,
Individuals on behalf of a business,
Businesses on behalf of their proprietors or employees,
Financial Institutions

  • Debit/Credit Cards – a convenience fee will be charged by VitalChek

Debit card transactions a $2.25 charge applies to any amount
Credit card transactions $75 and lower a $2.25 charge applies
Credit card transactions $75.01 and up a 3% of the total charge applies
Credit/ Debit transaction limit: $5,000

Please make all checks payable to: 
DOL (Department of Licensing), AMSI or Skagit County Auditors

Who can renew?

  • A registered owner or registered owners authorized representative may renew their vehicle or vessel registration. 
  • When the customer has the same last name or address as the registered owner, no written authorization is necessary
  • A check from the registered or Legal owner is accepted as proof of authorization to renew the tabs/decals. 
  • Others may renew tabs on behalf of the owner if they provide written authorization containing the vehicle information (plate number, VIN or HIN) and the name and signature of the registered owner authorizing the purchase of their tabs/decals.


A valid Photo ID is required for all transactions